Luma - LDAP browser, utility and more.

Wed Feb 27 22:01:37 CET 2008
Luma 3.0 - QT4 migration Luma 3.0 will be started on now that 2.4 is finally released. The subversion trunk will become destablized while migrating from QT3 to QT4. There is no planned date for the 3.0-release. If you want to participate, please join us at #luma on

Wed Feb 27 21:55:37 CET 2008
Luma 2.4 Luma 2.4 is finally out. This release features some handy new features as well as bugfixes.
* No longer need to store bindpassword (will be prompted if binddn is set).
* A searchfilter can be set in the Browser-plugin
* Sizelimit can be set in the Browser-plugin

Tue Mar 14 16:30:37 CET 2006
Luma 2.3
Luma 2.3 is out. This release features lots of new features and bugfixes, which can be seen at the changelog page.

Mon Aug 22 17:32:11 CEST 2005
Bugfix release 2.2.1 out
This new release fixes some errors in the template plugin which made it unusable. Additionally some translations have been updated.

Mon Aug 15 23:43:59 CEST 2005
Luma 2.2 Release
A new version of Luma is out now. The focus of this release was to improve the security of LDAP connections between the client and server. The user can configure how to check server side certificates and enable client side certificates. Additionally the SSL/TLS handling has been fixed. Further changes and bugfixes are noted on the changelog page.

Wed Mar 16 04:04 CET 2005
Yet another bugfix release
Luma 2.1.3 fixes an issue when collapsing an item in the browser. All items below the currently selected item were fetched from the server and displayed. You can download the tarball at the usual place. The packages for 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 will be removed from the download section.

Tue Mar 15 15:42 CET 2005
Important Bugfix Release
Luma 2.1.1 contains an error in the code for storing logger preference. It prevents some users from starting Luma. This has been fixed in 2.1.2 and it's the only change in this release.

Mon Mar 14 20:58 CET 2005
New Release
Luma 2.1.1 has been released. It features several bugfixes and minor feature enhancements, which are listed at the changelog page.

Wed Mar 2 18:22 CET 2005
Luma 2.1 Release
This version features a new logger, which is available from the program menu. It shows general information about LDAP operations, debugging messages and programming errors. This has the benefit that users are not confused any more about messages in the console. If a programming error or any other exceptional event occured, Luma doesn't have to be restarted in the console again, in order to get a backtrace for the developers. A bomb icon will be displayed in the lower right corner, to indicate a error. Clicking on it will open the logger.
Translations have been updated and we're happy to announce that french has been added. Luma is available in 9 languages now.
Additionaly Luma has a new logo, created by Rebekka Golombek. It's used as the application icon and is present on the Luma homepage.

For a list of requirements to install and download Luma, visit

Mon Feb 14 19:17 CET 2005
Luma 2.0.3 released
Luma 2.0.3 was just released. Here's the changelog:
  • Fixed tab order and default buttons for many widgets.
  • Fixed editing of the RDN for new entries.
  • Improved user interface for the delete and export dialog. Better button order. Dialogs close automaticly if no errors occured.
  • Improved look for the search plugin.
  • Better escaping of special characters in the DN of an entry.
  • Improved and updated translations.
  • Fix for exporting subtrees with parents. New export dialog wasn't used.
  • Fix for displaying binary attribute values.
  • Display status message when server side search limit is hit and process partial results.
  • Fixed retrieving of server schema when user has to be authenticated.
  • Fetching the schema doesn't block the user interface any more.
The tarball can be found here.

Mon Jan 31 17:27 CET 2005
Luma 2.0.2 released
Luma 2.0.2 was just released. This release contains some features improvements, new/updated translations and bugfixes which are documented at the changelog page.

The tarball can be found here.

Wed Jan 26 14:44:28 CET 2005
Luma 2.0.1: Bugfix release
The Luma project just released Luma 2.0.1. This release only contains bugfixes which are documented at the changelog page.

The tarball can be found here.

Tue Jan 18 19:23 CET 2005
Luma 2.0: Download link broken
The Sourceforge mirrors seem to have problems with distributing the Luma 2.0 tarball. Until this problem is fixed, you can download it from my university homepage.

Tue Jan 18 00:24 CET 2005
Luma 2.0 Released
The Luma Project is proud to announces the availability of Luma 2.0. This release is a major milestone in making Luma even more userfriendly and powerful, for users and developers alike. End users will be pleased to hear that an advanced schema browser has been integrated and thanks to it's caching, it's very fast to use. Objectclasses and Attributes are inter-connected, allowing easy browsing between them. Search filters help the user in finding the desired information instantly.
New dialogs for deleting and exporting LDAP entries have been added. The user has complete control over what will be deleted/exported and gets useful information in case of failure. Additional to LDIF, Luma added support for exporting entries to DSML (a XML based format for storing directory information).
The LDAP browser has a new look when browsing entries in the tree. Items with lots of attributes and values are displayed much faster now. Additionaly the components got 'smarter' and prevent the users from many common errors. Schema handling has been vastly improved and the user isn't able any more to edit an attribute if it's the relative distinguished name of the entry.
In the case of failure during a LDAP operation, the user gets an error dialog, displaying the reason. It is no longer necessary to restart Luma in the console and try to reproduce the error.
Updated translations for English, German, Russian and Swedish are available.

For a list of requirements to install and download Luma, visit

Mon Dec 13 01:21CET 2004
Luma 1.6 Released
The Luma Project is proud to announces the availability of Luma 1.6. This release includes several new features which improve the user experience and make LDAP data management even more easy.
Support for multiple base DNs per server has been added and incorporated into all Luma components. The user can decide if the base DNs provided by the server should be used, or he can use his own values.
Luma is able to resolve alias objects and presents these entries in an intuitive way now. Global alias handling can be defined for each server and changed during runtime in the browser.
One common source of errors by the user is the combination of objectclasses which are structural, but may not belong to the same objectclass chain. Luma checks the schema information of the server and ensures that this error isn't possible any more, saving the user lots of nerves and time.
Schema caching has been added to improve the general performance of all plugins. Before that each plugin fetched the schemas for all used servers. Especially users on slow networks will notice the speed difference.
Updated translations for English, German, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish are available.

For a list of requirements to install and download Luma, visit

Mon Nov 8 18:16 CET 2004
Happy Birthday Luma
After one year since its first public release, the Luma project team is happy to announce the availability of Luma 1.5. Since Version 1.0 Beta1 Luma has made huge progress in becoming the best Open Source LDAP browser/editor and delivers a framework for easy creation of custom LDAP-enabled applications.
Luma 1.5 features lots of bugfixes and user-interface improvements. The template system underwent a major rewrite and offers more features while being simple to use. SASL support is improved and works with Kerberos now. The screen size has been greatly reduced, so Luma is usable on screens with small resolutions. The complete changelog is at
For a list of requirements to install and download Luma, visit

Wed Aug 18 14:54:28 CEST 2004
Release of Luma 1.4
After 3 months of development, the Luma project team releases Luma 1.4 to the public. SASL support for authentication has been added, all network operations are threaded and plugins use the application toolbar now. Additionally the GUI got a cleanup, several bugs were fixed and some features were added to improve the user experience. The complete changelog can be found at
To install Luma you need at least Python 2.3, Qt 3.2, PyQt 3.10 and python-ldap 2.0.1. The tarball can be found at .

Tue May 18 20:14:42 CEST 2004
Release of Luma 1.3
The Luma project team is pleased to announce the availabilty of Luma 1.3. As a highlight, this release features a new usermanagement plugin which enables easy handling of user accounts.
A lot of effort went into improving the usability of some common interface elements. The handling of the server configuration dialog was simplified and should be more intuitive for the user.
The widget for displaying LDAP entries is completely redone. Handling with binary data, such as images and certificates, is improved and it is possible to add attributes which are not supported by current objectclasses.
Luma supports the creation of LANMAN and NT passwords which are needed for users working with Samba. To enable this, the python smbpasswd module has be installed which can be found at
There haven been a number of bugfixes and a complete list can be found at .
To install Luma you need at least Python 2.3, Qt 3.2, PyQt 3.10 and python-ldap 2.0.0pre13. The tarball can be found at .

Wed Feb 11 18:16:21 CET 2004
Release of Luma 1.2
After 2 months of development the Luma project team is pleased to announce Luma 1.2. Many important features and bugfixes have been made.
Thanks to the translation team Luma is available in 4 languages. Since the last release Norwegian has been added.
A new addressbook plugin has been created. It is compatible with most schemas and ldap setups, as it is not dependant on a specific object class. The addressbook detects which object classes are supported by the server and enables the allowed contact fields. Currently Luma works with person, organizationalPerson, inetOrgPerson and evolutionPerson classes.
Other changes include support for utf-8 encoded strings, added keyboard shortcuts and many improvements of the user interface.
For more changes see the changelog.
To install Luma you need at least PyQt 3.10 and python-ldap 2.0.0pre13. The mx-datetime module is no longer needed.
You can download Luma here.

Thu Dec 11 18:33:37 CET 2003
Release of Luma 1.1
This is a only bugfix release. Luma should work with Python 2.3 now and the plugin loading code is more robust. Startup won't fail because of a faulty plugin. Also a bug with date calculation in the Admin-Plugin was fixed.
Users are welcome to test this release and report eventual bugs. Especially users with Python 2.3 are welcome.

Mon Dec 1 23:46:08 CET 2003
Release of Luma 1.0 Final
Luma 1.0 Final has been released. Luma is a graphical utility for accessing and managing data stored on LDAP servers. It is written in Python, using PyQt and python-ldap. Plugin-support is included and useful widgets with LDAP-functionality for easy creation of plugins are delivered.
The highlights of this release include support for portuguese, display of image for the jpegPhoto attribute and automatic retrieval of baseDNs in the server dialog. More changes can be found here.
Get this release at the download page.

Sun Nov 16 17:34:25 CET 2003
New features for 1.0 Final
Thanks to Fernando Maior from Brazil, Luma is available in portugese.
With the mkpasswd module from Bjrn Ove Grtan, the admin utilities can encrypt passwords in cryp, md5, sha and ssha format.
JPEG photos are displayed as images, not binary data.
More changes for can be found here.

Mon Nov 10 22:53:05 CET 2003
A new beta has been released. For a list of changes go to this site. Bug reports are welcome!
Get beta2 here.

Sun Nov 9 03:32:49 CET 2003: Beta1 Update
Beta1 Update
Because of missing copyright notices in some source files, a new beta1-release is available. No code changes. Get the release here.

Sat Nov 8 18:37:47 CET 2003
Preparing Luma 1.0 BETA 1
The first beta of Luma 1.0 is out! Users are encouraged to test this release and report all bugs. Depending on the number of bugs found, there will be other beta releases, followed by Luma 1.0-FINAL.
This is my first bigger project and I was able to test Luma only on one LDAP server. So, if you find any major problems with this software, don't flame me and send me your bugreports :)
Get the beta here. Logo