Luma - LDAP browser, utility and more.

  • No longer need to store bind-password in config-file
  • Password will be prompted if left blank and a binddn is set
  • Browser-plugin now supports searchfilter
  • Browser-plugin now supports sizelimit
  • Fixed bug when saving binary attributes
  • Fixed bug in serversettings dialog. Now supports ports more than 32767

  • Completely redesigned server dialog.
  • Added server renaming to server dialog.
  • New plugin selecsoltion mechanism.
  • Fixed a bug where authorization failed and no error message occured.
  • Window size is restored when starting Luma.
  • Improved password detection for editing.
  • Improved support for precompiled modules.
  • Reworked plugin loading mechanism.
  • Some internal code cleanups.
  • Display last used plugin after plugins are reloaded
  • Browser: Added deletion of objectclasses from ldap entries.
  • Browser: Display structural objectclasses in bold.
  • Browser: Added support for editing server settings.
  • Addressbook: Editing of addresses fixed.
  • Usermanagement: Removed upper limited for uids.
  • Usermanagement: Fixed a bug where non-ascii characters in the gecos field caused errors.
  • Usermanagegent: Updated search results when new account is added.

  • Updated translations
  • Fixed bugs in the template plugin

  • Added support for client/server-side certificates.
  • Fixed TLS/SSL handling.
  • Improved visual feedback when bad filenames are entered. The background of the edit changes to red.
  • Fix in addressbook. Only the names of new entries were saved.
  • Fixed bug in addressbook with save button when in dialog mode.
  • Bug fixed when using searchfilter without having a connection to the server.

  • Fixed traversing the tree and fetching ldap data from the server when collapsing an item in the browser.

  • Fix for reading logger settings which prevent startup.

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts.
  • Can't add attribute 'objectClass' in the browser any more. This behaviour is not intended.
  • Give warning dialog when user is about to leave an unsaved entry.
  • Set GUI busy while generating the document in the browser.
  • Added multi-selection in the browser widget for deleting and exporting entries.
  • Better keypress handling in the browser widget. If a key is pressed, the value of an attribute is searched and not the attribute itself.
  • Store logger preferences.
  • Add attribute with right-click in the browser tree.
  • Added splashscreen with new Luma logo.

  • Added logging mechanism. Can be activated from the program menu or by clicking on the bomb icon, which is displayed when a serious error occured.
  • Server information is cached. Results in less disk accesses.
  • Fix for special characters in the DN of an entry.
  • Added french translation.
  • New logo by Rebekka Golombek.

  • Fixed tab order and default buttons for many widgets.
  • Fixed editing of the RDN for new entries.
  • Improved user interface for the delete and export dialog. Better button order. Dialogs close automaticly if no errors occured.
  • Improved look for the search plugin.
  • Better escaping of special characters in the DN of an entry.
  • Improved and updated translations.
  • Fix for exporting subtrees with parents. New export dialog wasn't used.
  • Fix for displaying binary attribute values.
  • Display status message when server side search limit is hit and process partial results.
  • Fixed retrieving of server schema when user has to be authenticated.
  • Fetching the schema doesn't block the user interface any more.

  • Added support for connecting via Unix sockets
  • Translation for Czech added
  • Updated translations for Portuguese and Norwegian
  • Fix for disabled method box in the server dialog when selecting SASL GSSAPI
  • Fix for displaying double-clicked entries in the schemaviewer when a filter is used

  • Fix for name handling in Addressbook
  • GUI no more blocked when connecting to a slow server
  • Added gecos attribute support to Addressbook and Usermanagement plugin
  • Fixed bug when finding parent classes in the schema
  • Disabled GUI when performing LDAP operations

  • New schema browser
  • New dialogs for deleting/exporting entries
  • Export to DSML added
  • New look when browsing entries
  • More robust error handling
  • Lots of other small bugfixes

  • Added alias handling on a per-server basis. Can be changed during runtime in the browser.
  • More robust class handling. Now you can't have more than one structural class chain in an object.
  • Added support for muliple baseDNs for a server.
  • Fixed handling of attributes which don't have a name
  • All plugins use cached schema information now. Before that each plugin retrieved the schema on its own.

  • Fixed group handling in Usermanagement plugin
  • Cached LDAP meta information for better performance
  • Optional automount support for Massive User Creation plugin
  • Fixed Massive User Creation plugin. It assumed a certain directory structure which caused problems with most users.
  • Fixed handling with meta information for attributes and objectclasses
  • Fixed bug with deleting entries in the Search plugin
  • Improved GUI for Admin Utilities and search filter wizard
  • Less wasted space by plugins
  • New system for plugin selection
  • Major rewrite of the template-system
  • Fixed bug with SASL/Kerberos support
  • Lots of code/api cleanup
  • Various usability fixes
  • Improved user interface. Much cleaner look.
  • Usermanagement: Ask for save when account changed and another one is selected
  • Usermanagement: Added button for finding the next free user ID in a LDAP tree.
  • Small unicode fix with template handling
  • Massive user creation: Use only uid numbers above 1000
  • All LDAP operations are threaded now. There won't be any more gui lockups because of slow servers, network connection and broken search filters. Also a time limit of 60 seconds is used for requests.
  • SASL support, including Kerberos.
  • Toolbar support. Plugins display their action icons in the application toolbar, not in their own widget.
  • Addressbook: Better name handling.
  • Improved password dialog.
  • Added translation for Swedish.
    Thanks go out to Magnus M.

  • New dialog for editing server information.
  • Fix for exporting ldap entries in ldif format.
  • New password dialog for editing passwords.
  • Enabled retrieving schema info for servers with TLS on.
  • New usermanagement plugin.
  • Added support for lmhash and nthash password creation. Needed for Samba.
  • Completely redone widget for displaying LDAP entries. Better support for binary and adding attributes. Also some usability improvements.
  • Fixed bug with storing laguage settings.

  • Added translations for Norwegian.
    Thanks go out to Kevine Zerbib, Pedro A. Gracia Fajardo and Bjorn Ove Grotan.
  • Many internal changes and fixes.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts (requires PyQt >=3.10)
  • Improved handling of utf-8 encoded strings.
  • Correct exporting of entries with binary attributes to ldif.
  • Removed dependency of mx-datetime module! The date calculation is done completely by Qt now.
  • Lots of small ui changes and code cleanup.
  • Added option to 'Program'-menu to hide/show the plugin view. This results in more space for the current plugin.
  • Some usability fixes. Now the name of the current plugin is displayed instead of "Work Area"
  • The plugin configuration dialog has support for plugin-specific widgets.
  • Addressbook plugin has been added. (Screenshot)

  • Luma should work with Python 2.3, now.
  • Plugin loading code is more robust. Starting Luma doesn't fail if a plugin has errors during import.
  • Fixed error with calculation of dates.

  • added version check for PyQt to the install script. Luma doesn't work with PyQt 3.5.
  • jpegPhoto attributes are displayed as images, not binary data.
  • The admin utilities now can encrypt passwords in crypt, md5, sha and ssha format.
  • Fixed a bug with adding entries.
  • The server dialog has the ability to get all available baseDNs of a server.
  • Various changes to the browser widget. Now dialog boxes are shown if an entry is not accessible or it has no children and the user wants to open the subtree. The delete options have been rearranged and an option for deleting the subtree without the selected parent has been added.
  • Support for Portuguese (brazil)

  • The group setting of the "Massive"-plugin now makes use of the new dialog-browser.
  • Modified "About"-dialog.
  • Added a dialog for browsing LDAP server (screenshot).
  • TaskList code updated. Now the work area is updated if an icon is selected. Before this only happened with a left-mouseclick.
  • UI of the "Massive User Creation"-plugin has been changed. Now it uses tabs and less space (screenshot).

1.0beta1 - 1.0beta1-r1
  • Initial release of Luma. Logo