Luma - LDAP browser, utility and more.

Luma supports a number of languages already, all of them being maintained by a team of developers and translators. There's a separate mailinglist for those interested in doing translation-work on Luma.

For those eager enough to start on their own - here's a small how-to on making new translations:

  • make shure you have eric3 installed on your system
  • download the luma source
  • start eric3, open project luma and go to the translation tab
  • then rightclick to add translation
  • ... after this you can pick the file.. you'll find it in ./lib/luma
    Translations in Luma can be edited by qt-linguist, so unless you want to edit xml by hand - make shure you have qt-linguist as well.

    That's it.. if you make language-translation for a langeuage not supported by Luma today, you're encouraged to mail your file back to the project - and it will most likely show up in the next minor-release followed by a small thank-you in the release-notes.