Luma - LDAP browser, utility and more.

User Management
From this point, we assume you have a working serverconnection and that you have authenticated with a user/password-combination that gives your write-access to your ldapserver.

Lumas UserManagement-plugin is very posix-centric. Meaning, it's not a generic account-system, but its tailored for unix' posixaccounts.

These are the steps for making a new account:

  • Choose server-connection under 'Server'
  • Choose where in your tree you want to store your user.
    We suggest you make an ou like 'ou=users' or something similar.
  • Click 'Add', or 'Alt-A' to start editing your new account.
    Group Memembership-editing is only available if there are any group existing previous to this step. If this is a brand new setup, we suggest you use the template-plugin to make yourself a set of OUs (people,users,groups) and groups - so you can store users in a seperate OU and add some initial groups to the group-ou.
  • When you're done editing, the grey button to the right of 'Choose plugin' is the button to save your changes.

  • If you want to enhance UserMgmt, you can make your own version based on this one. Maybe you want more control, or make it more simple (e.g. just supply username,name and a password) for situations that demands this (e.g. schools).